The Creed

Goodday Comrade!

My name is Admiral Aikhun Ikh, though you may call me Deadmiral. {d'æd·mər·əl}

Let us cut the small talk, and be direct with each other. You might believe peace is present, but we are growing further from the truth. Our Leaders dictate us that "All is well", though this peace is destined to break. The mass will rise when needed.

Their Propaganda to feed Demagogism, Demagogism to vindicate Injustice.

Before you know it, you and I will be pulled in this chaos. Though do not be afraid, I am not speaking from fear, I am speaking from enthusiasm. We are warriors from nature. The real inevitability of death in battle is what makes us alive! To overview this future we need Controllers of Chaos. And that is where you come in: I ask you to prepare for Glory!

We as Mercenaries will not initiate it, but we will dominate it. We will control the chaos. And in the process, we will be empowered by our Uniformity.

Like Spartan Infantry, Roman Legion, Persian Troops, Mauryan Regiment, Ming Battalion, The Great Army and all other military entities, their greatness comes from uniformity. Show it with me!

From Privates to Dictators they all die in the uniform. And if you do not wish to die in it, you can always wear it when you are alive. And for that matter, proper clothing makes us excel at our profession.

Apologies if you find my speech a bit morbide, I should mention I have a somewhat dark humour. And with that I hope you Die legendary!

Unit, I Salute you!

Admiral of the Navy, Admiral of the Dead, Admirer of Hannibal (Barca, but Lecter aswell)


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